Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Favole gone, out of the ashes comes a new chapter!

Dun dun dun dun dun -inserts jaws music- Why is there jaws music? No particular reason actually because I have awesome news! As some of you know I closed down Favole a few weeks ago well.....for a reason actually! Awhile before that happened the wonderful and brilliant mad genius Ruina Kessel of .{Rue}. had offered me a partnership position and I accepted immediately with much excitement on my part! So I decided with much love to close down my store and to move to a beautiful location! The new location which has been in works for awhile will be announced soon (We're finishing the last touches). ♥

To be updated on the status of what's going on and be the first to know when everything is going down make sure you visit

Thank you everyone for your love and support with Favole and I hope to see you all again with .{Rue}. <3 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Eclectic Desires is having a Halloween Hunt!

Eclectic Desires Halloween Hunt!

In honor of the Halloween season, Favole & the Eclectic Desire's crew is hosting a little Halloween Hunt! A select group of designers have hidden one to three skulls in a devious little maze. Each skull is only $L10 and has one or more lovely goodies inside!

Here's a pic of the skull you are hunting for:


And here is a link to the maze (in case you just can't wait to get started!): Slurl to the hunt maze!
ALL of the skulls are hidden in the maze! No need to go anywhere else :D


from ... Favole!

__{Favole}__ Disdain __{Favole}__ Gun Powder __{Favole}__ Skinny

from ... .{Rue}.!


from ... CoLLisions!

._CoLL_. Benediction of Darkness Necklace ~ EDHH Hunt Item

from ... De Baza

De Baza Texture - Hunt - Halloween @ Favole

from ... Demotik

DemotiK_EDHH_  skelly jeans DemotiK_EDHH_ Halloween Ed -Neyran's Boots

from ... House of Knots!

!!!!H.O.K The Needle loves you
"The Needle Loves You" collar
things on my mind
"Things on My Mind" headdress

!!!!H.O.K Always hold me
"Always Hold Me" headdress

from ... Hysteria

~._.Hysteria._.~ Evil cross ~._.Hysteria._.~ Bones

from ... Kre-ations

beauty seeker horns vendor Eyes reversal orange disobey blood v tee  for edhh mesh dungareee spooky pack wine v for edhh

from ... Mystic Canvass

[Mystic Canvass]-EDHH-Veinita-Skin-Exclusive

from ... Souzou Eien haunted portraits 1
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.1: Haunted Portraits
"Haunted Portraits" art
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.2: Crystal Ball
"Crystal Ball" tells your future!
Souzou Eien - EDHH no.3: Doom Skull
"Doom Skull" tells your doom!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

::Halloween @ Favole:: Application

So heres the deal.  Favole is hosting an annual Halloween hunt event from October 29th-31st. 

What happens is anyone involved hides their hunt items all over the area in a bit of a free for all. 

Now there are some basic rules...

    -All shops are welcome to apply.
    -All shops involved may have up to 3 items out in the hunt, each set to 10L each. 

    -You will get to hide your items anywhere in the area, but MUST remember exactly where         so you can pick them up later.
    -Photos are REQUIRED for each item you set out.  This is so that all of the items can be               blogged before the event .

If you would like to apply, just fill out a notecard with all the information below and send your application to both Themis Enzo  AND  Ylva Korhonen.   ***Name your notecard "::Halloween @ Favole  - (YOUR FULL SL NAME)::" before sending***




Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fashion For Life and New Releases!

Above are all the items that are for FFL where all proceeds go to charity for cancer research. Also with the release of these I have also prepared some other quite lovely items

 Please note the corset in the ad for stormed is up for sale at FFL

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More New Releases! Oh my!!

New releases! Woo I've been pretty driven lately and I didn't want to neglect my love all fantasy related items so this release consists of wings (maaaany colour options) Hooves, Horns and cute Tails!